Assistant Director, Sericulture

Last Updated on: July 26, 2022

     Brief overview of the Department :

         The Office of the Assistant Director, Sericulture is located at Dhubri Town, which is situated at 295 KM from State Capital, Guwahati

         Sericulture is an Agrobased small village industry. Generally, four types of Silk worm rearing practices are being carried out.

         These four types of Silks are (i) Eri Silk Worm (ii) Muga Silk Worm (iii) Mulberry Silk Worm and (iv) Tasar Silk Worm.

         Presently in Dhubri District rearing of two types Silk Worm are being practiced – Eri Silk Worm and Mulberry Silk Worm.


Life Cycle

       Following are the various activities that the department is performing at district level –

  1.  Creation of awareness among common people about the Sericulture activities and its benefit.
  2.  Extension of Silk Worm food plants plantation.
  3.  Silk Worm rearing training to farmers.
  4.  Reeling / Spinning training to Sericulture farmers.
  5.  Execution of Different convergence scheme etc.

Strength of Officer and their activities:

At District Head Quarter



Name of the Post

Present strength

Job description


Assistant  Director of Sericulture


Assistant Director of Sericulture is involved in extension and  developmental activities and over all administrative activities of the office.


Extension Officer


Extension officer is involved in  all development  & extension works. To identify the potential area and development  of Sericulture in new areas. To assist in marketing of Cocoon and yarn etc.


Sericulture Demonstrator


To do extension work being the liasoning  agency  between Rearers , Reelars & Department. In every way he providing help/guidance and any technical assistance. To assess the requirement of Silk Worm Seeds (DFLS)  in his area and distribute among the rearers and providing marketing assistance to the rearers. To help the rearers at the time of Plantation etc.


Sr. Assistant




Jr. Assistant




Grade IV ( Peon /Chowkidar)



At Sub-division


Superintendent of Sericulture


Superintendent of Sericulture is involved in extension and developmental activities in the Sub-Division and other all administrative activities of the office.

  • No of Sericulture Village :- 63 Nos
  • Total family engaged:- 1596 Nos
  • Plantation area :-  Eri:- 36.0 Hact  Muga:- Nil  Mulberry:- 7.0 Hact.

There is an outline Sub- Division

Name of the Sub-Division:- Bilasipara

Address:- Office of the Superintendent of Sericulture, Bilasipara.

Head Quarter:- Bilasipara.

For Any Queries Contact:-

 Name :- Moinul Hoque Choudhury,

    Assistant Director of Sericulture, Dhubri

   Mobile No :- 8402973542/9435369630

   Email ID :-