Dhubri-Golakganj Division (Irrigation) Dhubri

Last Updated on: May 12, 2022

Brief Overview:-   

Agriculture is the backbone of Indian Economy. Around 60-70% of Indian population (directly or indirectly) depends upon agriculture for its livelihood. Irrigation helps to grow agricultural crops, maintain & re-vegetate disturbed soils in dry areas & during periods of less and average rainfall. Water is usually supplied as per requirement of different growing crops in the field. Irrigation works have been classified as major, medium and minor depending on their cultivable command area. Major and Medium Irrigation works are meant for tapping surface water (e.g. Rivers) and minor Irrigation mainly involves ground water development e.g. Tube-wells. Irrigation brings about an increase in the gross cropped area which in turn increases the net yield and also facilitates multiple cropping. 

Irrigation potential in Dhubri District is developed both from surface and ground water sources. Currently the net Irrigated area under this Division is 2028 Hect. (approx.)      

After Re-organisation of Irrigation Department Vide Govt. No. IGN (E) 192/2021/58 dated 03/08/2021 The Goalpara Investigation Division (Irrigation) Goalpara is Re-named as Dhubri-Golakgang Division (Irrigation) Dhubri. The Office is presently Situated at Gauripur Near Kalibari. The email id for communication is.dgdirrigation@gmail.com

Under Dhubri-Golakganj Division (Irrigation) there are 12 no of schemes and 50 Numbers of PMKSY-HKKP Schemes in operation. At present this Division is supplying water to 470 beneficiaries annually during two seasons (i.e Rabi and Pre-Kharif & Kharif season).

Under SOPD, one Solar powered Medium Deep Tube Well Irrigation scheme has been sanctioned under this division at Golakganj under Golakganj Sub-Division (Irrigation) Agomani. The work of this scheme has been successfully completed and currently supplying water to 10 Hect. cultivated fields.

This Division comprises of Two Sub-Divisions:

    1. Golakganj Sub-Division, (Irrigation) Agomani.
    2. Dhubri Sub-Division, (Irrigation) Dhubri.

Under the above Sub-Divisions there are various schemes such as Lift Irrigation System, Deep Tube-WellSolar (MDTW) and PMKSY. The primary responsibility/activity of this Division is to supply cultivable water to the farmers so that they get benefited and can develop their livelihood.

Sub-Division Wise Irrigation Scheme and Location/Block :


Name of Govt. Irrigation Scheme

Location/CD Block




Dhubri Sub-Division (Irrigation) Dhubri

Jhograpara LIS


Shilghagri FIS









Golakganj Sub-Division (Irrigation) Agomani

Choraikhola Bisondoi


Choraikhola Bisondoi
DTWS Ph-II Pt. No.1


Gangadhar L.I.S Pt-I &II

Ujanpetla, Madhapetla/Dhubri/ Golokganj

Uttar Raipur D.T.W.S

Uttar Raipur/Dhubri/Galakganj

Sonakhuli D.T.W.S. 5 Points








Name of the Services: -

The following public utility services are provided to the users as entrusted by the department from time to time:

    1. Water supply to cultivable Land.
    2. Farmers training and demonstration.
    3. Irrigation Service Charge.
    4. Formulation of Scheme/Project.
    5. Implementation of the Scheme/Project.

Water is usually supplied as per requirement of different growing crops in the field. The water requirement of crops is not uniform over a large area and varies widely in accordance with variation in climate, particularly in rainfall and soil.

Water Supply to the cultivable land: The main aim of Irrigation Department is to supply water to the farmers. According to Dhubri-Golakganj Division (Irrigation) Dhubri, total Net Irrigated area is 2028 Hect. (approx.)  The Irrigation water is supplied to the cultivation field through the Main Canals, Branch Canals, Sub-Canals, and Distributaries. From the Main Canal water is generally not directly supplied to the command area.

Farmers Training and Demonstration: The Training Programme for Operation and Maintenance for Irrigation of schemes to WUA farmers has been taken up.

Irrigation Service Charge: Irrigation Service Charges (Water Tax) is collected from the beneficiaries (farmers) for providing Irrigation water. Under this Division for Rabi and Pre-Kharif crops, a sum of Rs.262.50 & Rs.751.00 per hectare is collected and for kharif crops, a sum of Rs.281.24/Hectare is collected from the beneficiaries accordingly.

Crops Rate /Hecter (Rs.)
Rabi & Pre- Kharif (November to May) Rs.262.50 & Rs.751.00
Kharif (June to October) Rs.281.24

Formulation of Scheme/Project:

Execution of Works:

Once the estimate is approved by both Administrative and Technical officials, the Irrigation Department through its field officers executes the work through the registered Firm/Contractors after observing all formalities.

Inspection and Quality Control:

The department has its own Inspection and Quality Control wing with its headquarter at Guwahati. This wing is under direct control of the Secretary, Irrigation to monitor the quality and progress of work from time to time and suggest necessary measures to complete the project within the scheduled time frame. This wing actually functions as the departments vigilance wing for execution of works.

Popular Systems of Irrigation under Dhubri-Golakganj Division:

Lift Irrigation System.

In this system water is lifted by pumps either from river/reservoir and then diverted to canal network. Such schemes may be electrically operated or diesel driven or powered by solar energy.

Ground Water Irrigation System

Tube well irrigation is the most economical method of utilizing ground water resource. Like above, these types of schemes can also be operated either by electrical, diesel or solar power.

Shallow tube-well :

It consists of a bore hole built into ground with the purpose of tapping ground water from porous zones. The tube wells are generally operated for 6 to 8 hours during irrigation season and give yield of 100-300 cubic meters per day.

Deep tube wells:

It usually extends to the depth of more than 70 meter and is designed to give a discharge of 100 to 200 cubic meters per hour. Their CCA may go up to 50 hectares.


Irrigation Department introduces a new age technology Solar Pumping System to Dhubri District under this Division. Solar Pumping System to overcome the problem of interruptions in power supply to LIS/DTWS schemes. This Project located at Chagalia Pt-II Under Golakganj Sub-Division Golokganj LAC.


Irrigation Department introduces this successful scheme which is very helpful for the farmers. This project located at 23-Dhubri LAC under Dhubri Sub-Division (Irrigation) Dhubri.

The Advantages of Solar Pumping System are: 

    • Naturally available abundant source of energy.
    • Requires no maintenance.
    • No power or fuel cost to operate pump 
    • Freedom from power cuts and load shedding.
    • Environment friendly, pollution and noise free.
    • No manpower required to operate the system
    • Free from dependence on conventional energy sources

Register as Water Users’ Association

Eligibility Criteria

    1. Guidelines for filling the form
    2. Fees
    3. Documents Required
    4. Important Timeline
    5. How to apply
    6. Type of Service
    7. Whom to Contact

Overview :

Water Users Association (WUA) is a co-operative association of individual water users who wish to undertake water-related activities for their mutual benefit. The Water Users’ Association (WUA) was formed to take part in the planning pertaining to management & distribution of water to the cultivable lands including collection of Irrigation Service Charges with the help of the departmental staff. All the completed Irrigation Schemes will have to be handed over to the WUAs who will be responsible for their operation & maintenance.

Eligibility Criteria

Every Water Users’ Association and its members must be within the command area of respective Irrigation Scheme.

Guidelines for filling the form

As per Societies Registration Act, 1860

Documents Required

As per Societies Registration Act, 1860

How to apply

As per Societies Registration Act, 1860

Total Strength of Officers/ Staff and Man in Position :

SL. No. Designation Total Strength Man in position
1 Executive Engineer 1 1
2 Assistant Executive Engineer 2 2
3 Assistant Executive Engineer (T/C) 1 0
4 Assistant Engineer 2 1
5 Junior Engineer 4 4
6 Sub-Engineer Gr-I 1 1
7 Sub-Engineer Gr-II 0 0
8 Accounts Officer 1 1
9 Deputy Accounts Officer 0 0
10 Assistant Accounts officer 0 0
11 Head Assistant 1 0
12 Senior Assistant 4 4
13 Junior Assistant 6 1
14 Tracer 1 0
15 Section Assistant 10 10
16 Khalasi 2 0
17 Helper 1 1
18 Peon 3 3
19 Chowkider 3 2
20 Driver 3 3
21 Monitoring Assistant 0 0
22 Blue Printer 0 0
23 Power Pump operator 2 2
24 Duftry 1 1
25 Operator 0 0
26 Electrician 0 0
27 Assistant Electrician 0 0

Total Strength of Staff CMC (attachment) :

1 Section Assistant   2
2 PPO   2
3 Helper   7
4 Khalashi   7
5 Chowkider   1
6 Swiper   2

Total Strength of attachment Staff from other Division (Irrigation) :

1 Section Assistant   2
2 PPO   1
3 Peon   1

Whom to contact for any queries:

I/c Achut Kumar Borah , Executive Engineer, Dhubri-Golakganj Division (Irrigation) Dhubri.