Town & Country Planning Department

Last Updated on: April 28, 2022

1. Brief Overview:

The present office of the Deputy Director, Town & Country Planning, District Office, Dhubri was established in the year 1975. The office was temporarily started in the Dhubri Municipality office building by the Associate Planner Sri R.N. Bhattacharjee, later on the office was shifted at the present location in a rental building at N.S Road, ward No; 2, Dhubri town. Sri A.K Das is the Deputy Director of the Office since 2014. The email id for communications is

Town & Country Planning, District Office, Dhubri is the representative of Urban development Department in the District of Dhubri. The primary responsibilities/activities of Town & Country Planning, District Office, Dhubri is to prepare Master Plan for the urban areas of the district. While preparing the Master Plan a few sub-urban areas are also included in the Master Plan to cope up with the increased population load. Very recently it has been decided to incorporate the physical maps like Land use Plan, Zoning Plan, Transportation Plan, etc. in GIS platform. It has also been decided to make the Master Plan more comprehensive and useful in the field of drainage too and accordingly decided to club Physical Master Plan and Drainage Master Plan together.

2. Name of the Services :

This office does not provide any Public Utility Services directly to the end users. However, the following Institutional Services are provided as entrusted by the Department / District Administration from time to time:

    1. Preparation of Master Plan.
    2. Building permission.
    3. Technical Assistance to ULBs.
    4. Monitoring of Centrally Sponsored Schemes.
    5. Other services as desired by District Administration.

3. A Brief Overview of the Services :

    1. Preparation of Master Plan of all Urban Agglomerates to cope up with increasing urban population and to restrict its haphazard growth with a target of providing healthy environment for overall improvement of the living condition of its dwellers.
    2. Recommend Building permission as per Zoning Regulations and Building Rule 2014 of all ULBs and Development Authority.
    3. Providing Technical Assistance to ULBs of the District as and when required.
    4. Monitor Centrally Sponsored Schemes of ULBs which are directly under the control of the Directorate of Town & Country Planning, Assam.
    5. Render Services to District Administration in the field of urban affairs.

4. Overall Process Flow of the Service :

We do not provide any service directly to the public, but indirectly, we assist in granting Building Permission in the following process:

The Building Plans are received by the Municipal Board/Town Committees/Development Authority and forwarded to this Office are checked as per the Zoning Regulation and recommended for approval if found fit as per the Building Rules 2014 and returned back to the ULBs/Development Authority within 3 (three) working days.

5. Eligibility Criteria:

All urban dwellers having land property with clear title are eligible to apply for building permission.

6. Form (s) to be filled, if any (Give soft copy):

Forms are available with the Municipal Board / Town Committees / Development Authority

7. Guidelines for filling up the forms:

Engineers/Architects/Firms Registered with the Municipal Board/Town Committees/Development Authority will assists in filling up the forms provided for building permission.

8. Fees (in Rupees)

Fees will be collected by the Municipal Board/Town Committees/Development Authority as per Building Rules 2014 or as fixed the Bodies.

9. Supporting Documents Required.

a) For buildings up to G+2

1. Application form

2. Land Documents (Lease, POA, etc.)

3. 3 Copies of Building Plans, including plan, sections, elevations, site plan and key map

4. Service Plan, including parking and circulation

5. Area Statements

6. Structural Safety Certificates

N.B. Documents to be procured by Owner–Application form and Land Documents; Other documents to be procured by Owner with the help of registered technical persons.

b) For Buildings of G+3 and above

1.    All of the above documents as given for Buildings up to G+2           

       i) Detailed Structural Design

      ii) SDB Report

         iii) Area Statement

         iv) Form 21

          v) Form 22

         vi) Soil Test Report

         vii) Water Feasibility Report

        viii) Recommendations from Fire Services

          ix) Certificates from Registered Technical Persons

           x) Indemnity Bond, where applicable

N.B. Documents to be procured by owner – application form, land documents, recommendation from fire services and indemnity bond; other documents to be procured by owner with the help of registered technical persons.

10. Important Timelines:

a. When to submit application                    :              No such fixed timelines

b. Time for processing (approximate)        :              60 days

11. Whom to contact for any queries :

      i. Achintya Prabhat Baruah, Asstt. Director - Contact No. 86380-45781

12Whether the service is offline or online :

                                                          a. For Offline : Municipal Board/Town Committees/Development Authority where the applicant belongs to.

                                                          b. For Online : Not Applicable